A little bit about me!

  • My name is Sienna Simantob and I am from Los Angeles California. I love swimming and aerial arts (mostly lrya and silks). I want to go into the medical field or biomedical engineering in the future. I am studying artificial intelligence because it interests me. I joined a high school robotics team when I was in 8th grade and I wanted to be of better use to my team because I knew absolutely nothing about AI.
  • I am currently apart of the AI Scholars and I love it. My first five classes were with Cade Crow and I loved the environment. I got to know people from all over the world and I had a great time in class. We made it fun, we joked around a bit, got to know each other but we still learned so much. Currently, my instructor is Helena Vasconcelos, and my group is working on discovering phenomena in the lungs with X-rays. I’ve only attended one class with Helena so far, but I love this class and would recommend it to everyone.
  • I will be writing about Guidance because I had a very unique experience with AI. The robotics team at my school is mostly male-based and I joined said team a year earlier than normal. I was the second person at my school to do so, the first person to do so is currently the captain of the team. I am going to be talking about what got me interested in science and AI. What classes I recommend if you have the chance to take them and how to connect with people using AI and robotics.
  • My target audience is Freshmen and Middle schoolers. I started learning about robotics in 5th grade and I think it’s never too early to start. They should be interested in my blog because I will write honestly about how I got into AI, the hardships I went through and I had a unique experience with AI that they could learn a lot from.
  • I am hoping to teach young schoolers how to succeed the best they can in school and AI. I want to guide people to success through my unique experience with AI.



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sienna simantob

sienna simantob

Hi! I will be talking about how to get into AI and robtoics from someone who had a really differnt experice!